Belarus Food and Agricultural Products at the Agro Food Drink Tech Expo 2017

The exposition of Belarusian manufacturers “Made in Belarus” will be organized within the framework of agriculture and food industry exhibition “AGRO FOOD DRINK TECH EXPO”, from November 20 to 22 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Nine Belarusian companies will present their products at the exhibition.

JSC “Belprodukt” will present chips made from natural potatoes and wheat snacks.

The largest national confectionery enterprises - JSC “Krasny Pishevik” and JSC “Spartak” will present Belarusian sweets: marshmallows, halva, dragées, marmalade, chocolate and biscuits.

JSC “Orsha meat-packing plant” will present baby food and vitaminized canned food for nursing mothers. The enterprise produces 100,000 cans of pork, beef, horsemeat, chicken, turkey, rabbit and fish every day, which makes up to 8% of the baby food market share in the entire post-Soviet space.

JSC “Pinsk meat-packing plant” will present rolls, smoked products, sausages, shish kebabs, sausages and sausages under “Pikant” trade mark.

JSC “Vitebsk broiler poultry factory” will present sausages, rolls, semi-finished products, smoked products. The enterprise is known for supporting a full production cycle at the enterprise - from breeding chicken to meat processing,

FJSC “Belovezhskie” delicacies” will present ham, sausages, meat delicacies. The novelties of assortment line will also be demonstrated at the exposition: smoked sausages “Versailles”, “Prague’’, “Munich”. All products are the highest quality grade.

JSC “Soligorsk poultry factory” will present dietary and common chicken eggs, quail eggs. All items produced are enriched with selenium and vitamin E.

JSC “Gomselmash” – a well-known agricultural machinery manufacturer in CIS region - will demonstrate technical capabilities of grain harvesting and harvesting combines under “PALESSE” brand.

The exposition of Belarusian manufacturers “Made in Belarus” is organized by “Belinterexpo” Exhibition Unitary Enterprise of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Georgia.