Review of AgroFoodDrinkTech Expo 2015

General Information about the Exhibition

  • 131 exhibiting companies from 16 countries;
  • 5158 trade visitors from 26 countries.

Visitor Research Data

  • 95% of the visitors were professionals of the presented industry
  • 99% of the visitors are planning to attend the exhibition in 2015
  • Among other visitors were more than 2500 farmers from 10 regions of Georgia

Exhibitor Research Data
  • 100% of the exhibitors were satisfied with established contacts, second year in a raw
  • Over 90% of the exhibitors liked placement, timing and duration of the event
  • 82% of the exhibitors gave the highest evaluation to the service provided by the organizer

Countries Presented in 2015

Georgia, Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, China, Japan, Armenia, Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium.

Visitors were presented from following countries

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Serbia, Egypt, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, USA, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Czech Republic, Great Britain, France, Spain