Useful information

Dear visitors of Agro Expo 2016!

Expo Georgia promises to do its best to make your visit maximally educational, fruitful, pleasant and unforgettable. Therefore, we kindly ask to read the information carefully which will help you to plan your visit, to avoid unforeseen situations and to work out the show with pleasure. 

Exhibition working hours

  • November 30 -  11.00-18.00
  • December 1 -  11.00-18.00
  • December 2 -  11.00-18.00

Personal comfort 

We recommend you to get into easy and practical footwear which will let you walk a lot during the exhibition with maximum comfort. Watch your steps, as there are a lot of covered cabling and hidden communications that are easy to stumble upon. 

There is a food court available in the back of pavilion 11. It is reasonable to have a little bottle of water on hand to quench your thirst. We also advise you to stay at the Terrace Restaurant for lunch or dinner and treat yourself with unforgettable culinary experience. Terrace Restaurant is located directly in front of pavilion 3. 


We beg you not to get on provocative offers on your way to the exhibition to buy a ticket from the suspicious persons. Those are fakes!  The official tickets are on sales only on the registration desks in Pavilion 11. To skip the tedious procedures you can pass the on-line registration which will be available even during the exhibition working hours! 

Every show has a high density of people united by the common interest and idea. Unfortunately it is also a suitable place for theft. We cry for your consciousness: even when you are impressed by the seen don’t lose your vigilance and watch all your values and belongings. In case of theft, please address to Security located at the entrance of the exhibition.

Orientation on-site

Every visitor is entitled to receive official catalogue of the exhibition upon registration. 

Expo Georgia fairground will be equipped with the signs guiding you to the exhibition. Next to the Hall entrance there is a Floor plan banner which demonstrate the full explication and list all participants with their stands numbers.

Additional Information

  • Smoking inside is prohibited and allowed outside only. 
  • Toilets are opened inside the exhibiting hall.
  • ATM: ATM machine is available in front of pavilion 5.