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kl General overview

ExpoGeorgia is happy to introduce the 16th international exhibition for  Agro, Food and Drink Products, Packaging and Processing Equipment. Event provides ideal opportunity for the providers of the agricultural products, technologies and services to meet with Georgian farmers, enterprises and state representatives, exchange valuable information and negotiate agreements. The event will be held on the dates November 30- December 2 in 2016. As a proof of highest quality and international significance the exhibition is a “UFI Approved event”, thus provides participants and visitors with the assurance that they will benefit from a professionally planned and managed concept. 

After fifteen flourishing years of its existence, AgroFoodDrinkTech Expo 2016 with huge experience and outstanding performance, offers a great chance to meet exhibitors from the relevant sector from different countries, it provides a perfect spot where you can effectively share every opportunity to contribute, develop and strengthen the agriculture, food, drink and tech industry.

The aim of exhibition is to introduce consumer to various products and services, connect with each other variety of businesses, which get better chance to succeed in the future as a result of these partnerships, also to introduce Georgian market to foreign officials, who are looking for partners for the distribution of their products in Georgia.

Key Facts about the industry:

  • Total agricultural workforce in Georgia: more than 900,000.

  • Share of agricultural workers in Georgia’s total workforce: 55.3%.

  • Contributes To 9.3% of National GDP

  • 0% property tax on small plots of land (less than 5 ha).

  • 0% property tax on property transactions. 

  • 0% VAT on primary supply of agricultural products. 

  • 0% import duty on agricultural and other equipment 

  • Opportunity for privatizing agricultural land (75% of all agricultural land is state-owned). 

  • 100% depreciation allowance on investments. 

  • Liberal labor regulations.

  • In 2014, Georgia exported agricultural goods worth 825.9 million USD, 29% of the total amount of products exported from the country. 

  • In 2014, Georgia imported agricultural goods worth 1.3 billion USD, 15.2% of the total amount of products imported into the country.

  • In 2014, compared to 2013, according to the data of foreign trade of agricultural products the negative trade balance decreased by 7.3%, while compared to 2012 the negative trade balance decreased by 37%.

  • During 2014, the total worth of agricultural product output in the country amounted to 3.4 billion GEL, while products worth 4.5 billion GEL were created as a result of the processing of agricultural products.